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Randall Ryder, writing for, makes an excellent case for investing in a Dymo LabelWriter 450 Twin Turbo Printer. These handy label printers can be used in a variety of ways to increase the efficiency in your office. The 450 Twin Turbo prints both address labels and postage labels. There are a lot of uses for these handy little printers. Some offices have a label printer set up to print appointment reminder labels–print a label with the date and time of the client’s next appointment, stick it on the back of a business card and give it to the client as the appointment reminder. Having a quick way to create file labels will increase the likelihood that files are properly labeled as they are created. The ROI is measured in efficiency and saves your regular printer from damage when label printing goes bad.

Jim Calloway’s column, Sites for Sore Eyes, in the latest GPSOLO eReport entitled Beyond the Basics of Google, is guaranteed to provide every reader with an “Ah Ha” moment. This article not only points out some of the most often overlooked features of Google that everyone can use, but also provides tips designed specifically to help attorneys make the most of Google. Google Alerts, Google Scholar and Google Patents are all covered in this lively article.

Did you know that you can make sure your firm appears in the results of a Google search for “attorney + your zip code”? Read this column to learn how to maximize this Google marketing tool for your firm so you can reap the dividends.

Note That! – 01/17/12

Send an old fashion, snail mail note to someone once a week.  Make it a Friday afternoon, winding-down-the-week scheduled task.  Every week someone has done something which helped, motivated or touched you. Send them a note!  If you encountered someone who needs encouragement, send them a note.  If the court clerk was especially helpful or the security guard at the court house extended you a helping hand, send them a note.  Ending your week with a random act of kindness is uplifting and good marketing!

Jared Correia, Practice Management Advisor for the Massachusetts Law Office Management Assistance Program, wrote Law Practice Management Software a Holistic Remedy for the website Attorney at Work.  This short insightful post is a really good place to start your research into practice management applications.  It contains links to reviews of many applications and other valuable resources to help you understand the potential of practice management applications.

Susan L. Traylor, Practice Management Advisor from the State Bar of Arizona has written another excellent and very thorough resource to help you understand the power of practice management software applications.  Identifying the Best Practice Management Software  also contains an excellent listing of applications, sorted by primary purpose, which includes descriptions and pricing.  This article is a must read for anyone just starting their exploration of practice management software.

If you are a fan of Google Chrome and PDFs, you may have
experienced a high level of frustration when trying to work with them together.
Rick Borstein, author of the blog “Acrobat for Legal Professionals” has a new
which will show you how to enhance the Chrome-PDF experience. He describes how
to turn off Chrome’s built-in PDF viewer and replace it with Adobe Reader or
your version of Acrobat.
The post also outlines the steps needed to improve printing PDF files from
Chrome. The instructions are precise, well illustrated and easy to follow.

Jim Calloway and Sharon Nelson have created the 49th edition of the Digital Edge podcast in the gift giving spirit of December.  The lively banter discusses a wide variety of tech items and gadgets both useful and fun in a wide price range that may help you with your December purchases.  In addition to their podcast, the list of show notes provides a links of all the items discussed. 

Reid Trautz, Chair of ABA Techshow 2012, has also issued his annual Holiday Gift Guide for Lawyers.  This list also provides some product comparisons and purchase advice.  If you are looking for gifts in the productivity, food or just plain fun categories, check out Reid’s list for some great ideas. 

One more excellent list which provides a compilation of shopping ideas is Attention, Shoppers: A Lawyer’s Gift Guide from the folks at Attorney At Work.  In addition to looking at the list, take a minute to read some of the posts on this site whose motto is ‘one really good idea every day.’

Sticky State of Mind – 11/29/11

Do you have yellow sticky notes all over your work space, attached to your monitor, cell phone, briefcase, laptop, and the dashboard of your car? Then you live in a sticky state of mind. Never fear, there is a free application to take your sticky notes to the next level. Integrate them into your computer desktop using an app appropriately called Stickies. This nifty little application functions like a to-do-list with alarms, a memory, and the beautiful square yellow visual of a sticky note. In a perfectly disciplined mind, all of the uses for sticky notes would be incorporated into the functions in your e-mail application using reminder notes, appointments, and tasks. For some of us, that will never happen. Enter Stickies. This tiny app, contained in a super fast download and install, was recently reviewed by PCWorld. Take a look and see if this might be a tool that helps your sticky state of mind stay organized. Once installed the icon resides in your task tray near the clock in the lower right corner of your monitor. A click on the icon creates a new note; a right click on the icon displays options to create a new note. A right click on the title bar of an existing note lets you change options. Although it is not a web-based mobile app, it is a very tidy, quite handy addition to your monitor desktop.

PrimoPDF – 11/22/11

If you are looking for an affordable alternative to Adobe Acrobat, you can’t beat PrimoPDF because it’s free! Granted, PrimoPDF doesn’t do everything Adobe Acrobat does, but it will create a PDF file from any file that prints. The PrimoPDF creation profile allows you to create the same kind of PDF file every time. Choose from predefined profiles or create a custom profile. Any newly created PDF can easily be appended to an existing PDF and you can set the document properties to control what metadata is included in each PDF creation. You can also control whether a viewer of your PDF creation can print, copy the text, add comments, or change the contents of the file. The newest version includes a drag-and-drop PDF creation option that allows you to drag a file to the PrimoPDF desktop icon to create the document. Alternatively, you can choose the PrimoPDF printer option. The PrimoPDF download takes about 15 seconds, and the install completes in less than 2 minutes. Choosing to also install the PrimoPDF Reader adds another 2 minutes to the process. PrimoPDF provides a very viable alternative to the more pricey Adobe Acrobat. Check it out!

Time management may be one of the most crucial factors in determining the success or failure of every attorney, but especially the solo small firm attorney.  There are books, seminars, blogs, software applications for your computer and your cell phone, plus time management specialists all devoted to helping you learn to manage your time.  Who has time for all of that?  If you recognize the need, but don’t know where to start, read “How to Manage Not to Waste Your Time” by Donna Seyle. Donna writes frankly and succinctly about her “less-than-productive time management system” and how she is working to change it.  Her post shares a list of 10 applicable concepts to help every attorney improve their personal time management skills.  It is a quick read too!

Gmail and Outlook Tips – 11/01/11

Gmail Conversation View Driving You Crazy? Turn It Off! 

By default, Gmail groups all e-mail items in a conversation behind the original email. You can easily manage the setting that turns the conversation feature on or off by following these steps: Click on the gear shaped options icon (upper right)> click on Mail Settings > scroll down to Conversation View > click on Off > scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Save.

If you turn this feature off, your e-mail will be arranged by date and time delivered to your inbox. This process can easily be reversed by repeating the same steps and choosing “On”, followed by “Save”.

Three Handy Keyboard Shortcuts for Outlook Users

These three keyboard shortcuts are a powerful addition to help speed up navigation in Outlook.

Execute these shortcuts by depressing and holding the Control key(Ctrl), followed by the number key. 

Control + 1 will move you to the Inbox view

Control + 2 will move you to the Calendar view

                              Control + 3 will move you to the Contacts view

 A more complete list of control key shortcuts is easy to access by depressing and holding the “Alt” key, followed by the “G” key or clicking on “Go” on the menu bar.