Smart Phone Dictation 05-08-12

Optimize your smart phone efficiency by installing and using a smart phone dictation application. These applications do more than enable digital dictation–they also make it easy to attach your dictated file to an email or send it to an Internet storage location like Dropbox. Using either of these options, your transcription assistant has easy access to the digital file. The file can also be processed by a digital transcription application.

Some of the most popular digital transcription applications are listed here:

Dictamus (iPhone, free and $14.95)

Pocket Dictate (iPhone, iPod, iPad, free)

Voxie Pro Recorder (iPhone, $4.99)

DictaNet Mobile for iPhone ($11.99, control by tilting your phone)

FlexT9 Speak-Trace-Write-Tap (Android, $4.99, 4 input options)

Dictadroid (Android, free and $1.99)