This tip came from Reba Nance, PMA for the Colorado Bar Association.

Many of us use Outlook as our e-mail client. While most of us know how to print an individual e-mail, what if you want to print a list of e-mails in your Inbox or in a folder? Chances are if you ever have tried, you ended up with a copy of an individual e-mail instead of the list you wanted.

 Here’s how to print a list:

1. Open Outlook and be sure your Inbox is displayed. You should see a list of your e-mails.

 2. Select the list of e-mails you wish to print:

    – Click on the first e-mail in the list so it is highlighted

    – Scroll down (or up) to the last e-mail

    - Press the <shift> key and click on the last e-mail

    – All of the e-mails should now be highlighted

(If you want to select multiple e-mails that are not in contiguous order, press the <ctrl> key as you click each e-mail with your mouse to highlight only those you want to print on the list.)

3. Go to the toolbar on top and select “File” and then “Print” (just as you would if you wanted to print a document).

4. The default is typically “Memo Style” (in blue). Change that to “Table Style.”  Now click on “Only Selected Rows” and finally click “OK.” If you want to see a preview of what it will look like before you print, click “Preview” before you click “OK” and you’ll see exactly what will print!