The keyboard shortcuts for Cut (CTRL + X), Copy (CTRL + C) and Paste (CTRL + V) are commonly known and used. Did you know that you can also control the line spacing for each paragraph with easy-to-remember keyboard shortcuts? Using the following shortcuts will change the line spacing for the entire paragraph where the cursor is located. 

CTRL + 1               Single-spaced lines

CTRL + 2               Double-spaced lines

CTRL + 5               1.5 spaced lines

CTRL + 0 (zero)  Add or remove one line space preceding the paragraph

One additional shortcut, CTRL + A, will select the entire document. Using CTRL + A (select all) followed by CTRL +2 will change an entire document from single-spaced to double-spaced lines in a nano-second!

Today’s tip came from the State Bar of Michigan – PMRC Tip of the Week at