Dropbox, SugarSync, Wuala, and Spideroak are terms you might be hearing around the water cooler or in the court house halls.  If you haven’t a clue what these terms refer to, it is online data synchronization.  Online data synchronization service provides access to your files whenever you need it, regardless of your location, if you have access to the Internet. If you are still at a loss, Dropbox has a three minute video clip which explains the service.  Watch the clip here.  Most of these services offer free storage for up to 2 GB of data.  The cost of increasing storage GB varies with each service but is reasonable. 

The four listed services protect data using encryption.  Some encrypt at their server level, others encrypt at your desktop level.  If you are going to use one of these applications for secure client data, be sure you understand who holds the encryption key.   Spend some time exploring the options because to get started costs you nothing, and the potential for increased efficiency may be worth the effort!