Do you …..02/01/11

Do you know all the passwords?  Do you know the password to every computer in your office including the server? Do you have a networked printer which requires a password to make setting changes? Do you know the administrator password for every software application in use in the office?  Do you know the password to your website, host account and domain registrar? What about on-line services; on-line banking, legal research, credit card services, health insurance or cafeteria plan, and TurboTax?  Does your firm have a blog, a facebook page, Twitter, or a LinkedIn account?  Do you have passwords for you mobile phone, iPad, Kindle, Nook, iTunes? What about Amazon or Staples and other on-line transactional services.  

You get the idea!  If you are managing by using the “Master Password” concept – re-evaluate!  If the task of managing your passwords seems insurmountable, read North Carolina Practice Management Advisor Erik Mazzone’s SmallLaw review of LastPass for one solution. (The review is under Recent Issues.)   

Watch for more “Do you” posts in the upcoming weeks.

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