Secure your Facebook profile!  We have all heard the message but may not have heeded the call.  Why not?  For many of us, it is because we really don’t know how to lock down our profile.  Help is here. 

ZDNet iGeneration blogger Zach Whittaker has posted documentation which will walk you through the steps to thoroughly secure your Facebook profile.  The instructions are divided into four sections: Securing your profile page, Secure your account settings, Secure your privacy settings and Securing the miscellaneous. The format of the instructions may not please all viewers, but if you open two browser windows, one for Facebook and one for the instructions, it is a pretty speedy process to complete. 

Overlooking security settings on your business or personal Facebook profile could prove to be a critical miss-step. 

Today’s tip came from the State Bar of Michigan – PMRC Tip of the Week at