LogMeIn-Ignition – 12/14/10

LogMeIn is an application which allows you to access your Mac or PC from remote locations via the Internet.  LogMeIn-Ignition is a similar application which allows you to control your computer from your smart phone or iPad.  Jeff Richardson, author of the blog iPhone J.D., originally reviewed Ignition a year ago and has published an updated review this month

 LogMeIn-Ignition works for both Macs and PCs connecting from an iPhone, iPad or Droid smart phone.  The application costs $29.99 but occasionally goes on sale for $19.99.  If there have been times when you desperately needed access to a file or application that is residing on your computer, take a few minutes to explore the possibilities for  LogMeIn-Ignition.

Today’s tip came from the State Bar of Michigan – PMRC Tip of the Week at ttp://www.michbar.org/pmrc/content.cfm