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Randall Ryder, writing for, makes an excellent case for investing in a Dymo LabelWriter 450 Twin Turbo Printer. These handy label printers can be used in a variety of ways to increase the efficiency in your office. The 450 Twin Turbo prints both address labels and postage labels. There are a lot of uses [...]

Jim Calloway’s column, Sites for Sore Eyes, in the latest GPSOLO eReport entitled Beyond the Basics of Google, is guaranteed to provide every reader with an “Ah Ha” moment. This article not only points out some of the most often overlooked features of Google that everyone can use, but also provides tips designed specifically to [...]

Note That! – 01/17/12

Ending your week with a random act of kindness is uplifting and good marketing!

a must read for anyone just starting their exploration of practice management software

If you are a fan of Google Chrome and PDFs, you may have experienced a high level of frustration when trying to work with them together. Rick Borstein, author of the blog “Acrobat for Legal Professionals” has a new post which will show you how to enhance the Chrome-PDF experience. He describes how to turn [...]

Gift ideas for Lawyers

Sticky State of Mind – 11/29/11

Do you have yellow sticky notes all over your work space, attached to your monitor, cell phone, briefcase, laptop, and the dashboard of your car? Then you live in a sticky state of mind. Never fear, there is a free application to take your sticky notes to the next level. Integrate them into your computer [...]

PrimoPDF – 11/22/11

If you are looking for an affordable alternative to Adobe Acrobat, you can’t beat PrimoPDF because it’s free! Granted, PrimoPDF doesn’t do everything Adobe Acrobat does, but it will create a PDF file from any file that prints. The PrimoPDF creation profile allows you to create the same kind of PDF file every time. Choose [...]

Time Management – Who Has Time for it?

Gmail and Outlook Tips – 11/01/11

Gmail Conversation View Driving You Crazy? Turn It Off!